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Every Child's Voice, LLC

We are a pediatric speech, language, and feeding therapy clinic providing services to children of all ages and abilities. Our primary goal is to equip our children and families with the tools they need to be successful with learning to find his or her VOICE! Each child's voice is unique and may be in the form of vocalizations, sign language, augmentative and alternative devices (AAC), or picture supports (PECS). 

Although each child's journey is unique, we embrace each challenge as a stepping stone and we will celebrate each success along the way with you and your child!  Our hope is that while you are a part of Every Child's Voice, you will know that you are supported with every step of your child's journey. 

I think that there’s nothing that can make me happy as quickly as a child’s smile.

Resources for All!

Sign Class, Strategies, and Support... Oh, my! 


Achievements are limitless when you have all of the tools needed for success at your fingertips. Come take a look at our printable library of helpful success builders!


We are always looking for additional ways to support our families by empowering them with knowledge. Click below to view featured/suggested classes.


Some short words from a few of our parents.

Sherry P.

“Mrs. Kara is fabulous! She's right on target with what every child's needs are. She's dedicated, doesn't give up, and is willing to learn new techniques for these kiddos. Love ya, Mrs. Kara! Keep up the good work. You're a blessing!"

Cristin L.

"Ms. Kara is the best! My daughter has grown so much thanks to her. She is truly an inspiration and wonderful woman. We love you soooooo much, Ms. Kara!!!!"

Rebecca K.

“Hands down Mrs. Kara is the best Speech Pathologist in town. She lovingly works so hard and advocates for her kiddos as much as we do as parents. She is professional and knows her stuff. We are grateful for opportunity to work with Mrs. Kara..”


Come peruse the Library for visual strategies and ideas! :)