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Our Journey to

Our Forever Clinic

Tripp and Hank.jpg

Hank, our Therapy Support Dog

"Animals don't judge you; they love you."  --Karyn Woodward

Hank's Journey

Hank joined Every Child's Voice in January of 2021 after three months of a very challenging journey.  Hank was hit by a car in October of 2020 and had jaw surgery as well as a leg amputated.  He has NOT allowed these challenges to change his beautiful personality!  He is a sweet, playful, precious new family member and we are thrilled for the beautiful moments he will be sharing with the children at Every Child's Voice!

Our previous Support Animals

Quinn and Hank.jpg
hank on the swing.jpg
Gabriel and Hank.jpg

Our Outdoor Support Cats

Boots, Precious, & Puddin Cake may be on the front porch, in the Sensory garden, or on your car....LOL

Precious, beloved Shadow
     Sweet, beloved Squirt
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