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Kara Peavey-McDonough, MA CCC-SLP

Before entering the field of speech and language pathology, I enjoyed a wonderful career of interpreting for children who were deaf or hard-of-hearing for many years.  I love that my second career allows me the opportunity to use the signing skills that I gained as an interpreter. 

I believe that EVERY child deserves opportunities to learn to use his or her "voice."  A child's "voice" can be expressed through vocal communication, sign language, a picture exchange communication system (PECS), or Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).  The passion that I have to help every child use his or her "voice" prompted the name of our clinic. I am married to Robert, who has been incredibly supportive of Every Child's Voice; he even built our Forever Home Clinic! I have two children by birth (Joshua and Victoria) and three children by marriage (Alicia, Becky, and Mike).  Robert and I are enjoying our "sons and daughter-in-loves" too (Cameron, Donald, and Emily).  We are also enjoying our first granddaughter and am looking forward to soon meeting our first grandson!

I am enjoying a second career, similarly to Kara.  We both interpreted for the deaf and/or hard-of-hearing children in the educational setting for several years; however, my experience began much earlier as I have a sister who is Deaf.  I am currently working full time in the Wichita Public School district as a Speech and Language Pathologist and am enjoying extra one-on-one time with some clients at Every Child's Voice. 

Valerie Ott, MA CCC-SLP

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