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Student Clinicians

Allison Stolz was Every Child's Voice FIRST student clinician to work with us.  She was a delight to all of us and we miss her already!  What an honor it was to work with her and I am very proud of this beautiful young lady! She is a fantastic therapist already!

Allison Stolz was our FIRST student clinician and we miss her already!  What an honor to work with such a beautiful young lady and fantastic therapist!

Hudson and Allison.jpg
Allison and Dakota.jpg
Allison and Lilly (2).jpg
Allison and Maria.jpg
Allison and Trinity.jpg
Allison and Victoria.jpg
Allison working on notes in Sensory Garden.jpg
Cash and Allison.jpg
Chase and Allison.jpg
Corban and Allison.jpg
Donna and Allison 3.jpg
Eli and Allison 2 (2).jpg
Lucas and Allison.jpg
Timothy and Allison 2 (2).jpg
Allison and Dominic.jpg
Allison and Jeremiah.jpg
Allison and Liam.jpg
Allison and Celia.JPG
Allison and Hannah.jpg
Allison and Jaxson.jpg
Allison and Lane.jpg

Allison Stolz

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